An established Brazilian singer, composer, dancer and producer, Latino has sold more than 4 million CDs. The Brazilian pop star has 7 gold albums, 4 platinum albums, 2 double platinum albums, plus 2 gold DVDs and a platinum DVD. Four of his songs are the most downloaded ringtones on mobile phones in Brazil, including his “Festa no Apê” which has been downloaded more than five million times.

He performs numerous live concerts each month in his native Brazil, and generally tours the United States twice a year. His New Year’s Eve performance in São Paulo last year drew an audience of more than 2.5 million, which was broadcasted live by Globo TV Network to 46 countries.


Sales of more than 4 million CDs

  7 Gold albums 2 Gold DVDs
  4 Platinum albums 1 Platinum DVD
  2 Double Platinum albums    

Latest Release

Sem Noção (Nonsense)

Latino's new CD is to be released in August in Brazil. It will be available exclusively ONLINE in the U.S. via major online music stores. The CD will feature undoubtedly future hits, such as, “Festinha Privê, ” “Sem Noção, ” “Pirando Todo Mundo, ” “O Patrão E A Empregada,” “Vagalume, ” “Solteiro Crocodilo, ” “Cátia, Catchaça, ” “Vê Lá, Hein?!, ” “Polígamo, ” “Namorar Na Rede, ” “Infernizar Você, ” “V.I.P., ” “Sem Noção, ” and “Superfantástico.”

Latino na Pista (Latino on the Dance Floor) – Remixes (Now in the U.S.)

Latino’s greatest hits album takes his legendary style and blends reggae tones onto the dance floor. All remixed tracks on the album were created by Latino himself and include such dance floor favorites as “Festa no Apê (Party at the Pad),” “Me Leva (Baby Takes Me),” “Só Você (Only You)” and “Catia Catchaça.”
“Maria Gasolina” recounts the story of young girls who only date men for their expensive cars and fat wallets. “Catia Catchaça” chronicles the exploits of Latino’s friend who drinks too much, exaggerates and never remembers the next morning. “Meu Gol de Placa” mixes sex and soccer metaphors and was a huge hit during the World Cup Games.

This album was produced by Ian Duarte and Fabianno, the producers of the Euro-dance group Kasino from Brazil. The managing direction was headed by Christovam Neumann and José Carlos “Kaká” Silva and the CD was released under the label of Up In The Air Produções and distributed by Som Livre in Brazil. U.S. version was released in February 2007.


  2007 Sem Noção

Latino na Pista (Latino on the Dance Floor) – Remixes
(U.S. release)
  2006 Latino na Pista – Remixes
  2005 Latino – 10 Anos ao Vivo (10 Years Live) DVD
    Latino Apresenta as Novas Aventuas do DJ L
(Latino Presents New Adventures of DJ L)
  2004 Latino Apresenta as Aventuas de DJ L – Festa no Apê
(Latino Presents Adventures of DJ L – Festa no Apê)

Latino ao Vivo – 10 Anos de Sucessos
(Latino Live – 10 Years of Success) CD

    Xeque Mate
  1999 Latino 2000
  1998 Latino
  1996 Aventureiro
  1994 Marcas de Amor

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