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simsburyThe 24th annual Simsbury Airport Fly-In and Antique Car Show focuses on the community and aviation. The Simsbury Airport Fly-In is the largest event of its kind in New England. This annual event lets anyone interested in aviation have the opportunity
to get up close and personal with a multitude of aircraft. At the Fly-In anyone and everyone can see and touch all types of airplanes from all periods in history.

The Simsbury Airport has been around since the early years of aviation and saw its first airplane in the late 1920s. An interesting piece of aviation history could be found on rooftops. To help pilots navigate in the 1920’s very large arrows would be painted on the tops of roofs pointing pilots to nearby airports helping to guide them to their destination. The Collins Company in Canton had one of these arrows painted on its roof, pointing towards pilots of the past to Simsbury Airport. Norman Rockwell could have painted the Simsbury Airport with its quaint small-town New England feel. On many afternoons you can see fathers and sons sitting on the fence, watching airplanes taking off or landing. This is where the dreams of flying and becoming a pilot begin.

This airport, and all the ones like it, is part of our country’s heritage. This country has been a leader in aviation from the Wright brothers to putting a man on the moon and small airports like the Simsbury Airport is where it all starts.

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