Up in the Air Productions

In our travels with the Gramlings
we meet the families that are
the true heart of America and
the places they call home.

The Gramlings are a father and son team from Indiana that some have been called endearing while other have called them crazy. The duo travels the country with their steam engines, or as they proudly tout, "Have Steam Engine, Will Travel." The Gramlings have graced the front pages of more than 50 newspapers and magazines as a result of their travels. In addition, the family has an award-winning children's book, "Hank the Tank." But most importantly, the Gramlings have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands in their cross-country treks with their steam engines.

During the series, we spend half our time with John and Barney. We chuckle and are drawn in with John's no-nonsense attitude and dry wit and Barney's optimist attitude and humble humor. The other half of our time is spent meeting the families, people, and places that John and Barney's engine travels to. From the snow-capped mountains of the Rockies to the cornfields of Indians to the Midwest state fairs, John and Barney have engine, will travel, and will find the spirit of America.


as seen in

• Over 70 front page newspaper stories
• 6 national magazine articles
• Numerous regional television interviews

now an award-winning children’s book

Tale of the restoration of the Gramlings’ locomotive steam engine, Flagg Coal Company #75 (aka Hank).

Best Books 2010 Finalist,
USA Book News
Winner, 2011
International Book Awards


Our series Have Steam Engine Will Travel with John and Barney Gramling has been picked up and will be airing on Public Television stations nationwide.

For specific times and dates, contact your local Public Television station.

The series is being distributed through American Public Television (APT).