Up in the Air Productions


Directed by Nilton Ricardo
Produced by Guilherme E. Varandas

In October of 1993, Up in the Air Production, ltd. spent four weeks in northeast Brazil, the "True Brazil," scouting for the most beautiful and exotic location, as well as the most stunning of native people. In conjunction with the Brazilian airline VASP, a crew of eight; including producer Guilherme Varandas, art director Aimee Sim, director Nilton Ricardo, and director of photography Helviscki, spent eleven days capturing on film the captivating beauty of the country and her people against the dramatic backdrop of some of the most breathtaking Brazilian locales, such as the giant sand dune in Natal, large inland lakes along the unlimited stretch of beach in Maceio. Their excursion was culminated in this film.

You are guided through the spectacular tropical paradise of South America with an enchanting tour guide, directed by Nilton Ricardo who captures the distinctive beauty and essence of Brazil. From the famed carnival city of exciting Rio de Janeiro to the endless white sand beaches, romantic coves, and lush tropical foliage to the simplecharm of provincial life, Up In The Air Production, ltd., presents this panoramic view of the unparalleled beauty and splendor of Brazil and her people.


A promotional film made for

VASP Brazilian Airlines™