Up in the Air Productions

Sky’s the LIMIT

This 13-part television series chronicles the adventures of a young American couple as they travel by private plane to some of the most spectacular locations in the United States.

Sky's THE LIMIT will introduce viewers to the hottest new trend in traveling. Unhindered by the limitations imposed by commercial airlines, the young couple, both licensed pilots, will have the freedom to fly their private aircraft wherever they want to go. They will be free to do whatever their untamed imaginations lead them to do. Whitewater rafting in Colorado, surfing in Venice Beach, hot-air ballooning in Utah, and cross-country skiing in Lake Tahoe are just a few of the possibilities.

Traveling to every destination will be an adventure in itself as the couple will have to prepare their personal aircraft and successfully negotiate all the flights.

The feeling of freedom, heightened sense of adventure is unparalleled. After watching a few episodes of sky's THE LIMIT, viewers will be convinced that journeying by private airplane is the ultimate way to travel.

The sky's THE LIMIT series will be filmed on location by award-winning director, Edin Velez.